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Version History


·        New:  Changed the driver loading order for compatibility with 360 Total Security. 

·        New:  OpenSSL is upgraded to version 1.0.2n


·        New: Windows10 32bit and 64bit Support

·        New: Added minor changes to avoid antivirus false positives

·        New: Added a workaround for compatibility with Windows Defender.

·        Improved: The synchronization functions are changed for better performance.

·        Fixed: a compatibility issue with F-Secure.

·        Fixed: memory leaks after unloading the driver


·        New: Windows8.1 32bit and 64bit Support

·        New: Utilizing high performance proxy-less netfilter solution, compatible with antiviruses/firewalls/other network filters.

·        New:  IE 11 Support

·        Fixed: a command-line parser bug.


·        Fixed: Duplicated Post data in some specific case.


·        New: Windows8 Application Support

·        New: IE 10 Support

·        New: Improve the core hooking library to improve stability

·        New: HAR version 1.2 file format export Support

·        New: Comments can be added to requests

·        New: Add Connection ID value column to show the TCP connection which request used

·        New: Add Icon Based Type Column

·        New: Add page's onContentLoad and onLoad timings to the request timing chart.

·        New: Add detailed timing information to the tooltip of the timing chart cell

More Minor improvements

1. improved: internal LoadLibrary hook reliability
2. improved: 64bit injection into already running processes
3. improved: 64bit injection thread safety
4. fixed: chrome sandbox uninjection problems
5. fixed: uninjection memory leak


·        fixed: Crash in XP/03/X64 when uninject a non-existing dll.


·        New: Support Firefox 6.

·        fixed: crash when injecting wow64 from 32bit + 64bit exe

·        fixed: workaround for XP/2003 wow64 bug

·        Improved: injection into wow64 processes improved (Vista and newer).

·        Improved: added some injection tweaks to improve stability.


·        New: Support Firefox 4.

·        New: Support IE9.

·        New: Capture HTTP traffic from Google Chrome.

·        Changed: Due to a conflict with IE9 using the same shortcut,  Change open Add-on shortcut  from ALT+SHIFT+F2 to  ALT+SHIFT+F5.


·        New: support windows 2000.

·        Improved: use the same unit when exporting HTTP log to a file.  It makes it easy to manage in excel.

·        Fixed: a bug which crashes Win64 eclipse.

·        Fixed: a minus TimeDuration value issue  in automation library.


·        New: 64bit(x64) Application Support. HTTP Analyzer fully supports both 32-bit and 64-bit windows applications. If you run Http Analyzer on your 64-bit windows, the HTTP traffic from both 32-bit and 64-bit applications will be shown in a single HTTP Analyzer window.

·        Fixed: An IE window frozen bug.


·        New: IE/Firefox Tamper. User can tamper with HTTP requests, view and modify GET query parameters, HTTP/HTTPS headers and POST parameters from Internet Explorer 5+ and Firefox 3+ by using IE/Firefox tamper tool.

·        New: Http Analyzer Highlights Detected Potential Problems, Http Analyzer examines each request and issues hintings messages when detecting potential functionality ,performance or security problem.

·        New: Tool Tips to Help Users Understand the Data Recorded.

·        New: 29 new columns are added to session grid.

·        Improved: More Grid Export Options, The grid export can be customized to include the same columns of request grid or all columns of request grid. User also can choose columns which they need and customize a desktop layout as export view.

·        Improved: The automation library has been updated to support Hintings.

·        Improved: Parameter Size Column are added to POST Data tab.


·        Improved: Capturing newly created 32 bit processes under 64 bit OS.

·        Fixed: A performance issue of degrading performance proportional to large number of requests logged.

·        Fixed: A timestamp offset issue.

·        Fixed: Some Windows 7 compatibility issues.


·        New: Firefox 3.6 support.

·        Improved: The "Export Response Content to Dir" function will export every webpage to a separate directory. The feature is only available in add-on edition. As the stand-alone edition doesn't support webpage grouping, it still exports all requests group by domain name..


·        Improved: In the previous builds, The "File->Export response content to dir..."" action will export all captured files to a flat directory, while the current build will export the whole page with directory structures.

·        Improved: Update Java demo's JACOB library to version 1.15.

·        Fixed: The clock is not synchronized with the operating system.

·        Fixed: Automation library bug, IRequest.PostData will add an extra null  (0 character).

·        Fixed: Automation library bug, The value of IResponseContent.IsFromCache is invalid.

·        Fixed: Automation library bug, The value of IResponseContent.IsFromCache is invalid.

·        Fixed: Automation library bug, The UngroupedPage contains the garbage data which has been deleted


·        New: Deserialize XML-RPC traffic into the easy-to-use object trees.

·        New: Deserialize JSON-RPC traffic into the easy-to-use object trees.

·        Fixed: An IE Add-on automation library compatibility bug with Windows 2003 server.


·        New: Added a command-line parameter "/t" to automatically save and clear the log file after a period of time specified in minutes. The default value is 30.  e.g. HttpAnalyzerStdV5.exe /p"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE" /t20 /d"d:\Data\data.halog" /f"native".

·        Fixed: When the received HTTPS data is too large, some of data may be truncated.

·        Fixed: A XML export issue that the Firefox does not recognize the special character ®.


·        New: Add-on for Mozilla Firefox. HTTP Analyzer now offers an add-on for Mozilla Firefox (Firefox 2.0 is not supported). HTTP Analyzer now supports Firefox 3.0 on Windows as well as IE 6, 7 and 8.

·        New: Automation Support in Mozilla Firefox. The automation library has been update to allow the control of Http Analyzer within Mozilla Firefox. The IHTTPAnalyzerFirefox object is used to control the HTTPAnalyzer Firefox Add-on.


·        Fixed: The feature "Clear all session" does not work in the stand-alone edition.

·        Fixed: Received bytes column sometimes contains invalid values when capturing HTTPs traffic from firefox.

·        Fixed: Duration column sometimes contains invalid values when capturing HTTPs traffic from firefox.

·        Fixed: AMF3 reference object bug fix.

·        Improved: Update Java demo's JACOB library to version 1.14.


·        New: The new added "DOMReadyTime" and "PageLoadTime" are shown in the summary line and webpage summary panel. The "DOMReadyTime" is the loaded time of webpage DOM tree, the "PageLoadTime" is fully-loaded time of the webpage.

·        New: Deserialize and display all Flash Remoting or AMF traffic in a easy-to-use AMF object tree.

·        New: Read and decode the hidden ViewState on an ASP.NET Page. Display the hidden ViewState in a tree view, raw text, or in XML format.

·        New: Deserialize SOAP and JSON traffic into the easy-to-use object trees.

·        New: A new "webpage timing" tab is added to session view, it includes two pages, one is webpage level time chart which expresses the relative time between a single timing segment and other timing segments in the same webpage, the other is webpage timing summary chart which shows the summary of the timings recorded for the selected webpage.

·        New: 13 new columns are added to session grid. You can use the new quick column button to toggle columns' visibility and reorder columns by dragging items in the dropdown.

·        New: Attach to multiple processes (Stand-alone), In addition to monitoring system-wide processes or single process, HTTP Analyzer allows user to select more running processes and monitor these particular processes.

·        New: Display Start Times as Offsets, UTC/GMT or Local Time A group of menu items have been added to view menu, which control the display of start time. This feature is particularly useful for locating related events across multiple locations and time zones.

·        New: Undock button (Add-on). User can undock the whole HTTP Analyzer Add-on window from Internet Explorer by using the 'Undock/Dock' button in the upper right corner. This feature is particularly useful for dual-monitor or high-resolution display system. The Keyboard shortcut of the command is ALT+SHIFT+F3.

·        New: Use Hotkey to Show/Hide Add-on (Add-on) , HTTP Analyzer Add-on can be shown/hidden by using the HotKey (ALT+SHIFT+F2).

·        New: Add a Visual C++ Demo to Automation Interface.

·        New: Add AverageHTTPSOverhead and TotalHTTPSOverhead to summary panel.

·        New: Add "Show All Columns" to view menu to show all available grid columns in the session grid.

·        New: Add "Expand New Page" to view menu to control whether new WebPages are initially expanded or collapsed.

·        Improved: Support OpenSSL HTTPS (Stand-Alone) , With the new support to OpenSSL API , now HTTPS is available if the application uses the Microsoft WININET API , Mozilla NSS API or OpenSSL API.

·        Improved: Improved Text View with syntax highlighting, text folding, text structure tree view.

·        Improved: The automation interface has been updated to support timing summaries and webpage timing properties.


·        Improved: Attach multi-processes. Now, you can use the automation library to monitor multi-processes at the same time.  C# sample

IHTTPAnalyzerStandAlone httpAnalyzer = new HTTPAnalyzerStandAloneClass();
httpAnalyzer.Visible = true;

·        Fixed: In some cases, The upload filename cant' be shown when post mimetype is multipart/form-data.

·        Fixed: Cannot capture traffic from svchost.exe.

·        Fixed: A JSON parser error caused by empty object string.


·        New: Add ProcessID property to ILogEntry. Use ProcessID to get the process identifier of the monitoring process.

·        New: Relaxed the limitation of trial version. After it expired, trial version user still can record http log files and send log files to a licensed user to illustrate a problem without having to purchase extra licenses.

·        New:   The content tab can decode and show the response content in a parameter grid if the  response content-type is "application/x-www-form-urlencoded".

·        New: Add a new registry item "ProcessesExclude", The new registry item will exclude the specific processes from the injected applications in the HTTP Analyzer Stand-alone edition.

o   Path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IEInspectorSoft\HTTPAnalyzerStd\3.x\Properties\COMMON\

o   Key: ProcessesExclude

o   value ex: python.exe;GoogleWebAccWarden.exe;googlewebaccclient.exe

·        New: Add a new "Group by webpage" item to view menu. It allows the stand-alone edition correctly display the IE add-on HTTP log file page by page.

·        New: Add a new filter item named as "0.Result is not CACHE , which filters out all cached Items.

·        Fixed: The content tab sometimes can't show the decompressed data when the response encode-type is "deflate".


·        Fixed: Fake Trojan report by McAfee Anti-virus software.


·        New: Add a XML Viewer to "post  data" page which is used to read in Post XML data.

·        New: Support gzip/deflate post data, display the expanded post content.

·        New: Display the name of the request file in the top window bar.

·        Fixed: A serious bug which caused "Export responses content to dir" function incorrectly.

·        Fixed: Bad Sequence Number after loading a saved HTTP log file.

·        Changed: Clicking on "save" button, HTTP Analyzer  won't stop logging.


·        New: Add two events to automation library HTTPAnalyzer class.  One is OnNewEntry(HTTPAnalyzer.ILogEntry, ref bool) ,Occurs immediately before an new LogEntry adds to log. The other is OnUpdateEntry(HTTPAnalyzer.ILogEntry) , Occurs when update a specific Logentry in the log.

·        New: Add MaxLogSize property to IHTTPAnalyzer. Use MaxLogSize to control the maximum number of the latest log records . Set MaxLogSize to indicate the maximum number of rows. The default value for MaxLogSize is 0 (zero), which places no limits on the log.

·        New: Add DeleteEntry method to ILog, The DeleteEntry method is used to delete a specific LogEntry from the log.

·        New: Add DeleteCompleteEntries method to ILog, The DeleteCompleteEntries method is used to delete the requests which has been completely processed.

·        Fixed:  In some cases, The RedirectURL field will not be shown correctly.


·        New: Use the new "Find" dialog to "globally" locate text in the log of recorded requests. The search attributes can be: URLs, Headers, Content, Cookies, Query strings, Post data, Stream....

·        New: Star a recorded request,  Add or remove a star to a recorded request. Stars allow you to give a request a special status. the user can also use the the dropdown filter button of the new "Starred" column to change the filter criteria (starred or not).

·        New: Double clicking on a Status-code or Error-code  row in the summary panel will apply the filter criteria in the log that Status-code/Error-code equals to the text of the selected row.

·        New: Add a new Export Option "Export Response Content to Dir..." to the "save" dropdown menu  that allows user to export all captured content to a selected directory.

·        New: Add a "format" button to the JSON Viewer that reformat JSON output to be easily readable by a human.

·        Changed: Move "Clear cookies" and "Clear cache" button to the "Tools" dropdown menu.

·        Fixed: A compatibility issue with Vista,  In some cases, the Vista can't not launch the Winsock Injectlibrary NT service correctly.

·        Fixed: A "auto scroll" bug that the selected row in the session grid jumps sometimes.

·        Fixed: An bug that Icon file can't be displayed correctly in the browser tab of the content page.

·        Fixed: An bug that "RemoteAddr" and "LocalAddr" label can't be displayed in the stream page after loading log file.


·        Fix: A serious bug that all URLs are misreported as HTTPS. (Stand-alone edition only)


·        New: Real-time Request Level Time Chart. The colored time chart is used to express the relative time between a single network level timing (i.e. , DNS lookup, TCP connects) and other timing segments in the same request.

·        New: Real-time Page/Process Level Time Chart. The colored bars are used to express the relative timing of requests in the same group ( Webpage for IE Add-on, Process for Stand-alone) and the different phases of an HTTP request, e.g. blocked, connect, etc. It shows directly and visually how a site is performing, which can help the user to find and diagnose the common problems quickly.

·        New: Real-time Multi-level summaries. The summary panel displays the real-time updated summary information on the HTTP/HTTPS requests in a single webpage, a single monitored process or the whole log.

·        New: Grouping Of Requests By Page/Process. In Add-on Edition, Requests are now grouped by page by default. while in Stand-alone Edition, Requests are grouped by process name by default. Each group can be separately expanded or collapsed. Requests that are grouped can be navigated more easily.

·        Improve: Request Builder, In V3, User can use multipart/form-data POST method to upload files (introduced in RFC 1867) and View the response headers and content.

·        New: Build-in JSON Viewer The JSON viewer simply shows a tree structure representation of the JSON format. You can use the "Send to JSON Viewer" command in any editor to directly send selected content to the build-in JSON Viewer.

·        New: Native Log Files, Smaller and More Information HTTP Analyzer V3 introduced a new log file format (*.halog), Compared to the previous XML version, it has a smaller size, and can record more information. In V3, HTTP Log records will been save as this file format by default.

·        Improved: Automation Interface. 1. Summary Information Added to Automation Interface  2. Request Level timings Added to Automation Interface  3. Entry Group (Webpage/process) information Added to Automation Interface

·        New: A New "View" menu item has been added to the toolbar and main menu. It contains many appearance options for the session grid View.

·        New: Add a "Offset" column that displays an offset in seconds from the first entry in the current group (web page or process)

·        New: Add a "Web page" column that displays the web page title of the current request.

·        New: Add a "Send to JSON Viewer..." command to popup menu of the content editor to send selected content to JSON viewer to parse the JSON content as a tree structure.

·        New: Add a "Font..." command to popup menu of content editor to change the display font.

·        New: Re-arrange the command items in the toolbar and main menu.


·        New: HTTP Analyzer is now code signed with IEInspector.com publishing certificate .

·        Fixed: An installation issue on some Windows Vista computers.

·        Fixed: A WebBrowser sink events bug  that may result in some IE JavaScript events  being disabled.

·        Fixed: A bug in the process of writing filter file which may result in corrupting the file.


      Please be noted, some new columns is invisible by default, you can show and customize grid columns by using the grid column chooser. (Right Click Grid header->Click "Field Chooser"->Drag the specific column and drop it to grid header)

·        New: Add a "Sent" column that displays the number of bytes sent to server and rename the "Size" column as "Received". 

·        New: Add a "Host" column that displays the Internet host and port number of the resource being requested.

·        New: Add a "IP Address" column that display the IP address  and Port of the resource being requested. It allows you to group sessions by connection.

·        Changed: Tabs are now grayed if they do not contain any data.

·        Changed: The "Always select the latest request" button is off by default.

·        Changed: Column sorting is  case-insensitive manner.

·        Fixed: when using a filter in HTTP Analyzer and "Always select the latest request" is on,  the drop-down menu and list box don't work when they are opened, they close immediately without a chance to select anything.  

·        Fixed: HTTP Analyzer can persist the height state of the main data grid.

·        Fixed: When you export the grid to Excel from HTTP Analyzer, the "start time" column have the granularity shown in the grid, instead of being truncated to the minute level.

·        Fixed: A bug in the process of "auto update".


·        New: Add a COM-based automation interface, the library allows other applications or DLLs to talk to HTTP Analyzer and it can control them to capture HTTP/HTTPS traffic, access the detailed HTTP Transaction information and save and load HTTP Transaction log files. 

·        New: Official testing in IE 7

·        New: Add a popup menu to grid view of post page

·        Fixed: Some UI elements disappear when 'large fonts' is enabled in windows XP .

·        Fixed: A bug in Hex View.

·        Fixed: A bug in capturing post data with IE7


·        Fixed: The incorrect bytes received value is much larger than the content-length header value when using Https SSL encryption.

·        Fixed: Some incorrect repeated contents are contained in the response stream.

·        New: A hint box is displayed when hovering over a cell containing clipped text  in the session grid.


·        Fixed: Fake virus warning from Symantec antivirus.

·        Fixed: Incompatibility with opera.

·        Fixed: The first line is always empty in the querystring page.

·        Fixed: A bug in decompressing the response.

·        Fixed: A bug in reading the Http Chunked Stream.

·        Fixed: A bug in the registration process.

·        Fixed: A frozen bug in the HTTP Analyzer IE Add-on edition.

·        Improved: Show more information in the request builder after the http operation is successful.


·        New: HTTP Request Builder, Users can handcraft a HTTP request by using the HTTP Request Builder, or they can use a drag-and-drop operation to move an existing request from the session grid to the Request Builder to execute it again.

·        Improved: Now, HTTP Analyzer can capture HTTP/HTTPS traffic from ASP. NET web service application.

·        New: Add a "Body-Size" column that displays the size of the HTTP Response body. (Not include the size of HTTP Response Header)

·        New: Add a "Content-Length" column that displays the "Content-Length" field of the HTTP Response headers.

·        New: Add a "Caching" column that displays the "Caching" field of the HTTP Response headers.

·        New: Save log files in three formats.
"Full": Contain the response content stream.
"Compact": Compact log without content stream.
"URL List": Export only URL list.

·        Improved: HTTP Analyzer Std edition works well under non-admin account. We need to install a NT service to call InjectLibrary from it. The service have no negative impact on performance of your OS.

·        New: Add a "Open with..." submenu to popup menu of editor. it allows to open the content of editor with the registered applications or choose program to open the content.

·        New: add a "Reissue selected Requests" item to popup menu of session grid.

·        New: add a "Compare" submenu to popup menu of session grid to compare requests by selecting two requests.

·        New: add a "Show Hex Viewer" to popup menu of editor to view the content stream in hex viewer.

·        New: View XML data as a tree structure in the content browser.

·        New: Add a "New process..." and "Reopen process" items to start logging popup menu to create and monitor a process.

·        Improved: Handle syntax highlighting correctly for JavaScript, CSS which embedded in html document.

·        New: A "Pause" button has been added to the toolbar that pause or resume the logging operation.

·        New: Enable auto-update feature, you'll always have the latest version.

·        New: A 'Check for Updates' menu item has been added to the help menu.

·        New: A "Stay on top" menu item has been added to the view menu.

·        New: A grid menu item has been added to the main menu.

·        New: A "Send it to request builder" menu item has been added to the popup menu of session grid to send the selected request to the HTTP request builder.

·        Improved: Auto save the group and summary status of the session grid.

·        Improved: Contrast colors for even / odd rows of the session grid.

·        Improved: Bold font highlights the name column of the grid.

·        Improved: Allow to install Version 2.0 on a system which already has Version 1.0 installed.

·        New: Whenever there's a crash/exception raised, automatically collect lots of useful information, and give the end user the possibility to send a full bug report.

·        New: Add a command-line interface to HTTPAnalyzerStd.exe


·        Fixed: Resolve the conflict with some IE Add-ons which hook wininet.dll.

·        Fixed: Fixed an UNICODE related bug in HTTPDecode.

·        Improved: Decrease the size of  HookWinsock.dll.

·        Changed: The software protection method has been changed.


·        New: Now HTTP Analyzer can preserve the view state on the Content tab between log records.

·        New: Now HTTP Analyzer can persist the checked state of the autoscroll button.

·        Fixed: Sometimes the HTTPS response content can't be captured when the client is firefox.

·        Fixed: Resolve the shortcut conflict with Internet Explorer.


·        Fixed: Sometimes HTTP Analyzer can't import the log xml file when the file is larger than 64MB.

·        Fixed: HTTP Analyzer can't show uncompressed data when the content encoding is "deflate".


·        New: Add custom filter capability to URL and durations Field.

·        New: Add a checkbox on toolbar "always select latest request"

·        Fixed: A serious bug, Sometimes, only part of the original response content is saved.


·        New: HTTPS is available if the application uses the Mozilla NSS API. (ex. firefox, thunderbird, Netscape)

·        Improved: Improve performance by using highly optimized routines from the FastCode project and an all new high performance non-blocking multithreaded memory manager

·        Fixed: Sometimes HTTP Analyzer mixes the data responded.


·        New: Support IE7 Beta1

·        New: International support, Add a charset submenu in popmenu of editor. Allow to set charset to identify the character set of the font.

·        Changed: Scroll the HTTP traffic so that the last request ( ContentType =Text/HTML)  is always on the bottom, and the new traffic record could automatically scroll to the end of the list.


·        New: Add a "Text Encode/Decode" button in the toolbar.  Click it to show a "Text Encode/Decode "dialog, which includes the following handy utilities,  "URLDecode/URLEncode", "Base64Decode/Base64Encode", "BinHexDecode/BinHexEncode" and  "HTMLDecode/HTMLEncode".

·        New: Add a "URLDecode" view in content tab if the response content is  only "URL-Encoded" data.

·        Fixed: Unable to read certain image from cache.

·        Fixed: Get garble response header in certain HTTPS sites.

·        Fixed: Re-open the splitter bug by stretching the analyzer as big as you can, then double clicking the splitter between the request grid view and inspector view a few times - it disappears off the bottom and you can no longer get to it.  


·        Changed: Window size and UI layout - the std version will remember its last window size and use that when it's started again. Both the std application and the IE Add-on will remember settings for column widths, custom columns, and pane sizes. and if  you add  a column, it will remember this next time you start the program.

·        New: Now "Start button" is a dropdown combo box. It add more options. "Current Session": hook current session's all processes. "all Session": hook all sessions' all processes. "select a process": show a dialog  for processes selecting and select a specific process to hook and capture http traffic. (Std Edition  Only)

·        Fixed: Capture traffic of overlapped sockets traffic correctly.

·        Fixed: Capture traffic of WSE2(microsoft web service extension)  correctly.

·        Fixed: Sometimes the request and/or response contains garbled characters at the
end (in the stream view).  


·        Changed: Now, After trial expires, the PRODUCT can still enable you to visit ieinspector.com, google.com, yahoo.com, msn.com, ebay.com, amazon.com for demostration with no limitation.

·        New: Add a new option item "word wrap" in the popup menu of the text editor.

·        Fixed: Truncate the xml/html content if it is a long text line with more than 1024 chars


·        New: Release HTTP Analyzer Std Exe Edition. A standard windows EXE application. It can capture any process's HTTP/HTTPS traffic in current user session. It has the ability to capture HTTP information in Windows applications without launching them from HTTP Analyzer. HTTPS is available if the application uses the Microsoft WININET API. Now, HTTP Analyzer includes two Editions---Stand-alone Edition and IE Add-on Edition.

·        New: Add Process Column. It shows name and ID of the process where the HTTP session comes from. Note: It's hidden in IE Add-on Edition.

·        New: Add NO. Column. It shows the sequence number which the request was added.

·        New: Add a data tabsheet to show the raw post stream in post page.

·        Fixed: IE crashes when click on the link in the About dialog.


·        Fixed: A problem with ordering in TimeStart and TimeEnd field. It makes order only by hours not with all time.


·        New:  Add "Save Log to XML File" button. You can apply a filter to the results and then save all attributes (post data, content, time, headers etc) in an XML file.

·        New:  Add "Load Log From XML File" button


·        New:  Display sent and received number of bytes and IP address in stream tab

·        New:  In win2k or plus, use size column to replace content-length column , Size column shows the actual  number of bytes downloaded in the HTTP response, including the size of headers and any content.

·        Improved: The record of sent and received stream is more accurate

·        Fixed: URL Query string decode error.


·        New: Add stream tab to show the request and response stream

·        Improved: better logging of NTLM authentication


·        New: Export Grid to XML, HTML, MS Excel®, Text

               Session Grid->Popup Menu->Export Grid

·        New: Add group count summary. ( see the screenshot)

·        New: The HTTP session record is colored according to its result status

           HTTP Status code is 2XX or 3XX, a successful HTTP request.
Result is '(cache)'. In cases where the content was read from the cache without contacting the HTTP server.
A HTTP response containing a HTTP error code (for example, 404)
No response headers received because request failed (for example: ERROR_INTERNET_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED)


·        New: Headers, Cookies, Query String, Post Data page's Context menu adds " View raw Data ..." command.

·        New: Content page adds browser view mode. (only for HTML files)

·        New: Set some Grids' cell-auto-height true.

·        Fixed: parse error in Http decode.

·        Fixed : Broken link in on-line help


·        First version released!


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