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New in version 7.x

  Windows 10 Application Support
Now, HTTP Analyzer fully supports both 32-bit and 64-bit windows 8 applications. If you run Http Analyzer on your 64-bit windows, the HTTP traffic from both 32-bit and 64-bit applications will be shown in a single HTTP Analyzer window.


  Support IE 11 on Windows 10 (Add-on edition only)
HTTP Analyzer IE Add-on supports IE 11 on Windows 8:

Improve the core hooking library to improve stability
Http Analyzer V7 has done a lot of work to enhance the stability of the core hooking library.
  1. improved: internal LoadLibrary hook reliability
  2. improved: 64bit injection into already running processes
  3. improved: 64bit injection thread safety

  HAR version 1.2 file format export Support
Http Analyzer supports the HAR 1.2 file format for exporting data to other tools and environments:

  Comments can be added to requests
You can add and view comments to the recorded requests.

Add Connection ID value column
The new Connection ID value column shows the TCP connection which request used. And the automation library has been updated to support Connection ID.

  Add Icon Based Type Column
The new icon based type column provides an instant visual marker for different types of content. The tool tip shows the underlying mime type:

  Improve request timing chart
The Page level time charts now include lines to indicate when the onContentLoad and onLoad event raises. And, the tooltip of the timing chart cell will show the more detailed timing information.

New in Version 6.x
 About new features in version 6.x please refer to "New in Version 6.x".
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