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Version History

Click here to view the version history of IE DOM Inspector 1.x.

Version (12/10/2009)

  • Fixed: Resize and Refresh bug.

Version (3/12/2008)

  • Fixed: Fake Trojan report by McAfee Anti-virus software.

Version (12/07/2007)

  • New: Export function to event console.
  • New: Add "Time" field to event console.
  • New: Add  "NO." field to script console
  • New: Add "Time" field to script console
  • Improve: performance

Version (8/30/2007)

  • New: While editing a CSS property, use the dropdown list to select a value between all possible properties in alphabetical order. IEWebDeveloper has the complete dictionary of standard CSS keywords in its memory.
  • New: IEWebDeveloper is now code signed with IEInspector.com publishing certificate .
  • Fixed: An installation issue on some Windows Vista computers.
  • Fixed: An access violation with inspecting an frame element in "Event log" Tab.
  • Fixed: A WebBrowser sink events bug  in "Event log" tab.
  • Fixed: A bug that DOM Inspector will disable the JavaScript code "onclick=return false".

Version (4/02/2007)

  • New: Webpage Inspector, Reloading the page will restore the full path of objects and even the position of the scrollbars.
  • New: Webpage Inspector, allow you to edit the current style. Click any CSS property and a little text editor will appear. As you type, the changes are applied immediately..
  • New: HTTP Monitor, Add a "Sent" column that displays the number of bytes sent to server and rename the "Size" column as "Received". 
  • New: HTTP Monitor, Add a "Host" column that displays the Internet host and port number of the resource being requested.
  • New: HTTP Monitor, Add a "IP Address" column that display the IP address  and Port of the resource being requested. It allows you to group sessions by connection.
  • Changed: HTTP Monitor, The "Always select the latest request" button is off by default.
  • Changed: Column sorting is  case-insensitive manner.

Version (12/09/2006)

  • New: Logging for web pages, you can log messages from JavaScript in your web page directly to the IEWebDeveloper script console. which can be used on same interface as Firebug (console.log, console.debug, and so on...)
  • New: Add "Export" function to "script console" page. You can export log messages to various file formats. (excel, xml, html and text)
  • New: Official testing in IE7
  • Fixed: Some UI elements disappear when 'large fonts' is enabled in windows XP 

Version (09/07/2006)

  • Fixed: Can't show the tooltip/hint of button under IE7 Beta3.
  • Fixed: A bug in the registration process.
  • New: Add "View All CSS Text in one files" function to source explorer page.
  • New: Add "View All scripts in one files" function to source explorer page.

Version (09/01/2006)

  • Released!


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