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Debugger feature

  • Tree-like HTML Structure view-The tree view show the wide range structure information of the web page. It displays details on forms, meta tags, links, images, scripts, style sheets, applets, xml data islands and Applets/ActiveX objects


  • HTML DOM-View, traverse, and even dynamically update that HTML DOM directly in the browser window. More info
  • Style Sheet-Enables you to trace various style sheets, such as linked style sheets, embedded style sheets, and imported style sheets and in-line style rules.  View current style of any web document and highlight all style attributes with non-default values.More info
  • Inspect HTML DOM Element-Inspect HTML DOM element and get the full name of HTML DOM Node by clicking on webpage. Search for particular elements by ID/Name, tag name /class, or attributes Text. More info
  • Various inspector-DOM Node,Document,Form,Links, Frames...
  • Validate Webpage-Online validate W3C HTML, HTML Tidy, CSS, Feed, Links, WAI, Section 508 and P3P. Local validate W3C HTML and CSS.
  • Various online website tools-Whois lookup, Ping, Trace route, DNS and My IP information service by domaintools.com, Website details by alexa.com, Webpage speed report by websiteoptimization.com, webpage speed test by webscale.com , web archive history by web.archive.org and search engine checker by sitesolution.com
  • View HTML Source-View HTML origin source and rendered source.More info

Script Console

  • Command line-Use the JavaScript console to evaluate expressions, get HTML DOM, assign values to variables, test comparison operators, and perform math operations.More info
  • Display error messages-When a JavaScript error condition is encountered in the web browser, the detail information of script error will be recorded into script console. Use the console, you can locate to the error line of source code which causes the error.More info
  • Run multi-line Script-In addition to using command line to evaluate one-line JavaScript code, you can use the "Run Script" dialog to execute multi-line script at one time.
  • Logging for web pages, you can log messages from JavaScript in your web page directly to script console. which can be used on same interface as Firebug (console.log, console.debug, and so on...)
  • Export log messages, You can export log messages to various file formats. (excel, xml, html and text)

Source Explorer

  • View Source code-View all HTML, CSS and JavaScript source code of  the current webpage with a syntax highlighting editor.More info
  • JavaScript Code Explorer-The code explorer tree gives you a centralized view of the functions, variables  used in JavaScript source code.More info
  • View All JavaScript in one file-The current web page may contain many JavaScript files and HTML files. The handy function extracts all JavaScript source code from these files into one file and shows it in the editor. More info
  • View CSS Text in one file-The handy function extract CSS text from the HTML files and CSS files  into one file and shows it in the editor. More info
  • Method List-The method list enables you to view a list of methods in the current unit and quickly jump to the implementation of a given method.More info
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, VBS,  XML syntax highlighting.
  • Line numbering, Gutter, Margin.
  • bookmarks.

Event Log

  • Event Log console-Use the event log console to record the triggered event of WebBrowser, HTMLDocument, HTMLWindow and selected HTML Element. More info
  • Event Filter-Filter unwanted event types and store these filter conditions.More info

HTTP Monitor

Please be noted, HTTP Monitor has only basic feature of our HTTP Analyzer, if you need an advanced HTTP Analyzer. Please go to this URL.

  • Support HTTPS-show you unencrypted data sent over HTTPS / SSL connections.
  • Hex Viewer allow users to view and edit binary files in hexadecimal and textual format. More info
  • Compare requests by selecting two requests.
  • Organize-HTTP/HTTPS Information  into sessions for easy identification of requests and responses. More info
  • Selectively clear  caches and  cookies which are related with HTTP/HTTPS sessions
  • Instant help-on HTTP status codeMore info

Grid (All grids used in IE WebDeveloper)

  • MS Excel® style data filtering,  customize filter criteria against any data item More info
  • Automatic click-sorting against an unlimited number of columns, descending or ascending
  • Automatic data grouping - an extremely powerful data viewing and manipulation metaphor More info
  • Automatic runtime column selection - easily customize the columns visible on-screen with intuitive drag and drop 
  • Export Grid to XML, MS Excel®, HTML, Text

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